Natalie D'onofrio is an equestrian of over 30 years.  Her life experiences with horses has shown her an alternative way of healing and enjoying life.  Her offerings with horses include farrier science, equine massage, equine hanna somatics, barn management, riding and showing horses. With over 15 years of teaching yoga, meditation and hosting retreats. Most recently earning her Level III IREST certification from Richard Miller she weaves in the benefits of Yoga Nidra that have helped her cope with trauma and ptsd.  She looks forward to having you be a part of Listen To The Horses

Read what others have to say about working with Natalie.....

With Horses.... 

"I've known Natalie for years. Her love and compassion for horses is transcendent. She gives and sacrifices everything for the love and care of her horses."~ Lisa Ryan Equestrian/Horse Owner

"Natalie cared for my horses for over 5 yrs.  They were so loved and happy while she was with us.  Highly recommend her for any horse services." ~Lucky Titan Equestrian/Horse Owner

"My horses were in great shape and Natalie's attention to detail for each one did not go unnoticed.  She is an excellent rider, equestrian, and person"~ Sandra B Equestrian/Horse Trainer

"I witnessed my horses actually glowing after Natalie cared for them.  They loved her! I would highly recommend her for exercising and providing care for horses" ~ Maggie G Equestrian/Horse Trainer

"Natalie cared for my ranch with such love and compassion.  All of my animals loved her.  We were so sad when she moved.  Any horse should consider themselves lucky in Natalie's care" ~ Charle Thompson/ Horse Trainer

"I love watching Natalie provide Therapeutic Massage and Equine Hanna Somatics to my horses.  They go into a deep trance of relaxation and it is as if they are having the best spa day of their lives" ~ Joanie Smith Equestrian/ Horse Owner

As a teacher and leader.... 

"Natalie D'onofrio is the most transparent, patient, open minded and open hearted boss I have ever had. Her style is a sweet blend of go with the flow but let's make it happen! She is a clear communicator and incredibly easy to work for and with." ~ Dana Rivkins Yoga Instructor and one of Natalie's past managers. 

“Natalie is a genuine, honest, and kind person. She is a powerful leader because she listens with full focus and really cares about people. She is creative and has the best communication skills.  I love how Natalie is able to attack a task and complete it with grace.” ~ Priscilla Luckhurst Yoga Instructor and Natalie's colleague. 

"In the couple months since completing the Yoga Teacher Training with Natalie, I am already recognizing the deep influence it has had on my perspective of life and in my ability to manifest a level of serenity that I never thought was available to me outside the yoga studio, off of my yoga mat. It is almost as if something has awoken within me and I feel as though as time continues, I will discover even more benefits from the training not yet realized. For that, I will be forever grateful for the Teacher Training program at I Am and for Natalie leading the way!"~ Amy Wilkins Yoga Instructor

"Last year, with a small group of women, I took the 200-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training with Natalie, whose radiant energy, wisdom, resources and connections to others never stopped inspiring me, as she guided us to forge our own individual yogic paths. Natalie's encouragement along the way gave each of us the confidence and know-how to become the strong instructors and community builders we all are today. To this day, her skilled leadership and creativity as a teacher are on my mind each time I step onto my mat!"~ Lindsay Passmore Yoga Instructor

"Timing is everything and Natalie has it perfected. She is punctual and more so, on beat with the universe, patiently waiting to point out the highlights to those willing to show up. At the time I needed it most, but was least open to a solution, Natalie’s authentic acceptance allowed me to open my heart and learn from the best!"~ Trisha Colton Yoga Student