One of Listen To The Horses aka Natstreats favorite things to do is take others on retreats.  In 2018 we will be focusing traveling to far away lands to explore different ways of grieving and even celebrating death.  Possible retreat locations to be announced in 2018 are Morocco, Uruguay, Mongolia, Sweden, and South Africa.  

Natalie has had the pleasure of leading many in the past to India, Italy, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Enjoy pictures of past retreats and what others have to say about being on retreat with Natalie. 

"The way that Natalie expresses herself as she moves through life has profoundly shifted my perception of what a leader is. Traveling with Natalie at her yoga retreat in India exposed me to situations where I had the opportunity to watch her defend and support people when no one was looking. Since she was young she has taken a path few ever  have the determination to travel, and this has given her the courage to act and make decisions that truly align with her values even when the decision means difficulty ahead. Her depth of understanding and brand of compassion borne from experience is so much greater than her age that Natalie appears to live in dog years."~ Meredith Manning Senior Planner @ Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District